College Terrace Residents’ Association (CTRA)

Annual Meeting Minutes

Saturday, March 27, 2010, 10:00 a.m.

Multi-Purpose Room, Escondido School

Doors to the Escondido School Multi-Purpose Room were opened at 9:15 a.m. for sign-ins

and refreshments. The following informational tables were set up: Emergency

Preparedness/Block Coordinators, Green Team, Parking Permit Advisory Group, and

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Advisory Group. A table with daffodil centerpiece was

set up with coffee, bagels and oranges by Laurie Kacin.

The meeting was called to order at 10:02 a.m. by President Greg Tanaka. There were 62

residents who signed in. Paper ballots were provided to residents at the sign-in table.

Welcome & Meeting Process

Greg Tanaka welcomed everyone to the ninth annual CTRA Annual Meeting, and noted

the attendance of Mayor Pat Burt and City Manager Jim Keene. He reviewed the agenda.

Greg thanked the University Church in College Terrace for providing a meeting room for

CTRA board meetings throughout the year. He presented a thank you gift check to

Pastor Greg Schaefer, who accepted on behalf of the church, noting the appropriateness

of sharing the church table with the neighborhood. Greg recognized and thanked the

volunteers who had served on the Traffic Calming Advisory Group, the 2180 El Camino

Project Task Force, the Residential Parking Permit Program Group, and the Newsletter

Delivery volunteers. He recognized the volunteers on the Green Team, the PANDAs, and

the Block Coordinators, and thanked all the other volunteers who donated time and

energy to the neighborhood in other ways.

Report of the Nominating Committee and Election of Officers

Greg recognized and thanked the members of the Nominating Committee: Sujata Patel,

Eileen Stolee, Karie Epstein, Fred Balin, and Patty Hartsell. Patty Hartsell and Karie

Epstein briefly explained the nominating and election process and introduced the

nominees from the Nominating Committee, as listed on the ballot. (See attached.) Karie

then invited nominations from the floor for each of the positions. Asa Such nominated

himself for the position of Stanford Observer. There were no other nominations from the

floor. All nominees verbally affirmed that they reside in College Terrace, are willing to

serve on the CTRA Board, and would uphold the CTRA Bylaws.

Ballots were distributed to residents who had not received them when they signed in, and

ballots were then collected by Patty and Karie.

Brief Update on 2009-10 Board Priorities and What’s on the Horizon

Greg distributed index cards for those in attendance to write questions and comments for

the board or speakers.

Andrew Fetter provided a brief overview and update from the Traffic Calming

Committee. He alerted attendees to an upcoming survey and possible meetings that lead

up to the City Council’s decision to make the current trial measures permanent.

Diane Finkelstein reported on the Residential Parking Permit Program, declaring the end

of the “free parking lot” for Stanford and Facebook. She noted the current parking

concerns: problems in lower College Terrace in CN zone and non-permit streets; van

campers; and night parking by Escondido Village residents. She predicted an increase in

permit renewal fees. She urged everyone to purchase and encourage their neighbors to

purchase parking permits.

Fred Balin provided an overview and update on the 2180 El Camino project, with help

from JJ&F’s John Garcia. Fred noted the Task Force weekly meetings for 18 months and

briefly described the plans approved in December. He emphasized the challenges caused

by a delay in the developer’s schedule, difficult economic times, and fatigue and

confusion on the issues. He urged everyone to support JJ&F through this challenging

time. John Garcia asked for suggestions to help make JJ&F “your” grocery store. He

passed out questionnaires, and invited everyone to come in and talk with him any time.

Brent Barker provided a brief update on the Facebook parking issues, the failure of its

original parking plan, and the February 25th meeting. He explained the current building

expansion plans and the likelihood of a significant increase in staff.

Kathy Durham described the growth of CTRA communications, including the email

recipient list from 134 to 570 people. She encouraged everyone to fill out the online

survey, and thanked everyone for their help during her nine years of involvement with

CTRA communications.

Doria Summa talked briefly about the neighborhood reaction to the cutting of trees on

California Avenue, the planting of new trees, and past and future meetings to discuss

planned improvements to the California Avenue business district.

City Manager Jim Keene: “The City Budget Process and Your Input”

Greg introduced City Manager Jim Keene. Jim spoke for over an hour about the growing

gap between the city’s projected revenues and expenditures. See attached. He explained

how it occurred and the strength of the city’s financial traditions compared to other cities.

With slides, he showed the source of city funds, past and projected revenues and

expenditures by categories, and the resulting deficits. He discussed the unaffordability of

infrastructure repair, the necessity of a hiring freeze, and various other changes he

described as contentious and yet necessary. He explained the need to move toward "full

recovery programs" such as permit parking and recreation programs that do not rely on

city subsidies, but pay for themselves. He said he was putting together a menu of hard

choices for the City Council to consider as it faces the city’s financial challenges.

Proposals with direct impact specifically on College Terrace include a possible

postponement of the College Terrace Library reopening, an increase in the residential

parking permit fees, possible delays in the street resurfacing project, and possible fines

for street cleaning parking violations.

Report of Election Results

Karie Epstein and Patty Hartsell reported that they had counted 54 ballots, 2 of which

were absentee ballots and 52 collected at the meeting. They announced the election

results. (Their recorded vote counts were not announced, but are included in the


Brent Barker President 54 votes

Melissa Campbell Vice President 54 votes

Fred Balin Secretary 53 votes

Irina Cross Treasurer 54 votes

Colin Mick Communications Director 52 votes

Katie Murphy Social Coordinator 54 votes

Observer positions:

Colin Born Research Park 54 votes

Doria Summa City 54 votes

Eileen Stolee California Ave. Business District 54 votes

Asa Such Stanford University 42 write-in votes

Jeb Eddy, from the Midtown neighborhood organization, thanked the CTRA for

providing a model for them to follow, and conveyed their hope that the neighborhood

organizations work together cooperatively.

Greg suggested that the City Manager and the Mayor as well as board members would be

available for a while after the meeting to answer questions.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:05.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Campbell

(Acting Secretary in Susan Rosenberg’s absence)



CTRA Board of Directors Election 3/13/10

Term of office: April 1, 2010 through March 31, 2011


Brent Barker, Amherst St.

(write in candidate) __________________________________________


Melissa Campbell, Princeton St.

(write in candidate) __________________________________________


Fred Balin, Columbia St.

(write in candidate) __________________________________________


Irina Cross, California Ave.

(write in candidate) __________________________________________


Colin Mick, Hanover St.

(write in candidate) __________________________________________


Doria Summa, Yale St.

(write in candidate) __________________________________________


(write in candidate) __________________________________________


Colin Born, Harvard St.

(write in candidate) __________________________________________


Eileen Stolee, California Ave.

(write in candidate) __________________________________________


Katie Murphy, Wellesley St.

(write in candidate) ___________________________________________

I certify that I am a College Terrace Resident over 18 & that I did not submit an absentee ballot.