College Terrace Residents’ Association (CTRA)

Annual Meeting Minutes

Saturday, March 14, 2009, 10:00 a.m.

Multi-Purpose Room, Escondido School


Doors to the Escondido School Multi-Purpose Room were opened at 9:30 a.m. for sign-ins and refreshments. The following informational tables were set up: Emergency Preparedness, PANDA, Parking Permit Advisory Group, Traffic Calming Advisory Group, Palo Alto Red/Green, and representatives of the 2180 El Camino Real Project.


The meeting was called to order at 10:03 a.m. by President Greg Tanaka.


Attendees: 45 residents signed in, as well as 8 visitors.


Welcome & Meeting Process

•Greg Tanaka welcomed everyone to the eighth annual CTRA Annual Meeting, and reviewed the Agenda.

•Greg presented information on the format for the presentations (five minutes of presentation followed by five minutes of Q&A), the ground rules for the meeting (listed on the back of the agenda), as well as the meeting process. All residents over 18 are members, dues are voluntary. He noted that Robert’s Rules (that formally specify the rules and practices of “deliberative assemblies”) are far too complex for a forum like ours and are not appropriate in this context.

•Greg added that CTRA is purely a volunteer organization. It has an elected Board of Directors whose mission is to “enable residents to work together to maintain and enhance the quality of life in College Terrace”. The main activities of the organization are:


--Provide information on and opportunities for discussion of issues affecting the neighborhood

--Advocate the interests of College Terrace before appropriate governing bodies, institutions and agencies

--Provide opportunities for social interaction and community building within the neighborhood for the benefit of the residents


•Greg spoke about the 2008-2009 Board Priorities that were based on the resident survey from the 2008 Annual Meeting, they were Traffic Calming, Parking, and the 2180 El Camino Real Project/JJ&F block. A task force or advisory group was formed for each.

•Greg thanked all the residents who had volunteered to deliver CTRA newsletters, helped make the picnics happen, or served on the Traffic Calming Advisory Group, the Residential Permit Parking Advisory Group, the 2180 El Camino Real Task Force, the Nominating Committee, the PANDA’s, as well as those who otherwise donated time and energy to the neighborhood in the past year.

•Finally, Greg acknowledged the contributions of outgoing CTRA Board members Andrea Fleming (Vice-President), Steve Woodward (Stanford University Observer), Emily Marshall (City Observer) and Michelle Oberman (Social).




Election of Officers for 4/1/09—3/30/10

•All residents received a paper ballot when they signed into the meeting.

•Andrea presented the election process and recognized the members of the Nominating Committee: Andrew Fetter, Earl Levine, Roger Pierno, Ronda Rosner, Sushant Rao and Andrea served as chair of the committee. She recognized the work of the Nominating Committee in recruiting willing and able volunteers to serve in the nine positions on the Board of Directors.

•Andrea presented the list of candidates nominated for the various board positions as announced in the March newsletter and listed on the attached ballot. Candidates were asked to affirm that they reside in College Terrace, are willing to serve on the Board of Directors and pledge to uphold the CTRA Bylaws.

•Andrea asked for any nominations from the floor for any of the board positions. No additional nominations were received.

•Residents were asked to mark their ballots, and ballots were collected.  Andrea and Roger Pierno counted and recorded the ballots outside the Multi-Purpose Room.   Alexandra McFarland served as election observer.


Residential Parking Permit Program Update (RPPP)

CTRA Board Member Steve Woodward presented an update on College Terrace parking issues. Ballots, sent on February 17th from the City of Palo Alto Traffic Department to College Terrace residents in the project area, will accomplish two things. First, results will provide information to City Council on the general neighborhood interest in implementing a permit parking program, and second, it will determine whether a block “opts in” to the RPPP if City Council approves the program. City Council are the arbiters of the decision to implement the program. If City Council approves the program implementation will begin in Sepember, 2009. Steve went over the basics of the program, including City follow-up in the CN zones of College Terrace and the handling of special circumstances. A brief Q&A session followed.


Neighborhood Traffic Calming Update

CTRA Traffic Calming Action committee member Andrew Fetter presented the history and an update on the traffic calming trial. The committee recommended the following modifications to the City Council approved trial:

--Remove traffic circles at Oberlin, Hanover, and Columbia

--Add 4 speed humps and 1 speed table on College

--Add center islands with stop signs at Hanover and Columbia.

--Retain the two circles on Yale and add a build-out.


These changes will be combined with the repaving of College Avenue. A 5-minute Q&A session followed.


2180 El Camino Real Project/JJ & F Block

CTRA Board Member Emily Marshall presented an update and next steps for the 2180 El Camino Real Project. On April 29th developer will request from the Planning & Transportation Commission a zone change from CN to PC. Following that determination the project will go before the Architectural Review Board for hearing(s). The City will complete the environmental impact assessment. There will be a final review by P&T Commission and a final decision on the project by City Council. Emily stated that the Task Force believes the survey results are the best indicator of the neighborhoods views on the project. A brief Q&A session followed.


Report of the election results

At the end of the meeting, Andrea announced that a total of 46 ballots had been cast; 44 at the meeting and 2 absentee. 

•The following candidates were elected to CTRA Board of Directors for 2009-2010:

    PRESIDENT Greg Tanaka, Princeton St. (40 votes)

    VICE PRESIDENT William Hurt, Amherst St. (40 votes)

    SECRETARY Susan Rosenberg, Stanford Ave. (39 votes)

    TREASURER Larry Kavinoky, Cornell St. (45 votes)

    DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS Kathy Durham, Dartmouth St. (37 votes)

    RESEARCH PARK OBSERVER Brent Barker, Amherst St. (45 votes)

    CITY OBSERVER Doria Summa, Yale St. (46 votes)

    STANFORD OBSERVER Melissa Campbell, Princeton St. (43 votes)

    COORDINATOR OF SOCIAL EVENTS Laurie Kacin, Columbia St. (45 votes)

Ballots will be retained for 30 days, and then destroyed if no one requests a recount or re-examination of the ballots.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Rosenberg, Secretary