Meeting of the College Terrace Residents' Association

May 19, 2001, 10:00-11:30 AM

Meeting called to order at 10:03. A total of 38 residents attended the meeting and signed in.

Roswitha Remling presented key results from the April CTRA survey. There was strong support for CTRA involvement in a broad range of traffic, development and zoning issues as well as the more traditional roles of a neighborhood organization such as picnics, information, neighborhood watch and disaster preparedness. A summary will be posted soon on the CTRA website (

Moving to the main agenda item, Pria recognized the members of the task force that reviewed the bylaws of other Palo Alto neighborhood organizations and then drafted the proposed CTRA bylaws: Erika Enos, Maritza Frankfurt, Linda Logan, Randy Mont-Reynaud, Roswitha Remling, Louise Roche, Kathy Durham and Pria Graves.

Kathy Durham reviewed the purpose of the CTRA as stated in the second section of the bylaws ("to enable residents to work together to maintain and enhance the quality of life in College Terrace"). There was general discussion of the two options presented for the membership section of the bylaws.

  1. Prior to the vote on Option 1 vs. Option 2, an amendment was proposed adding the following sentence to Section IV.C: "Board members must reside in College Terrace at the time of election and during their term as officers." Vote on this amendment was 26 YES, 5 NO: amendment carried.

  2. The vote on the two options for Section III on Membership was 24 for Option 1 and 10 for Option 2: Option 1 carried.

Discussion then turned to the remaining sections of the proposed bylaws, including the election of the board of directors, duties of officers, annual meeting and other general membership meetings, appointed committees and need for 2/3 vote to ratify the bylaws or to amend them later.

  1. A proposal to add "Board meetings shall be open to all" to Section V.A. was accepted as a friendly amendment since the task force had meant to include this provision. How to inform the membership of the time and location of the board meetings was left as a policy and procedures decision of the board.

  2. An amendment was proposed to remove section IV.E (allowing the removal of a board member who does not attend three consecutive meetings without special circumstances acceptable to a majority of the board of directors). Only 2 votes favored this amendment, with over 20 voting against it: amendment defeated.

  3. The final vote on the entire package of bylaws as amended was 29 in favor, 2 against, meaning that the CTRA bylaws were ratified with well over the required 2/3 majority.


  1. Volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee for officers to serve for the remainder of 2001 were solicited. Erica Enos will be chairing the Nominating Committee and anyone wishing to volunteer for the Nominating Committee or to suggest someone to serve on the board should contact her soon at .

  2. John Ciccarelli presented an encouraging update on discussions with Stanford Land Management and city planning officials on the redevelopment of Alza site (Hanover and California), the Mayfield site and the "Grant Avenue spine" proposal to divert traffic from California Avenue. See the CTRA website for more information. (Q: put in specific link?? or is it clear from the front page??)

  3. Pria announced the "Art on the Avenue" fair on California Avenue during Memorial Day Weekend.

  4. Pria also announced that this was the last CTRA meeting which she would run, due to the time commitment of her upcoming campaign. A member of the audience thanked her for her great dedication over the last 5 years, which was seconded by general applause from those present.

  5. Roswitha noted the dates of upcoming PANDA training and the value of this neighborhood disaster preparedness program.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 AM.