The purpose of the College Terrace Residents' Association is to enable residents to work together to maintain and enhance the quality of life in College Terrace.

About the Association            

duties and powers of the board of directors, meetings and voting.

To fulfill its mission, the CTRA

  1. provides information and discussion opportunities on issues affecting the neighborhood,

  2. represents the interests of College Terrace before appropriate organizations and

  3. creates occasions for social interaction and community building within the neighborhood.

All College Terrace residents over the age of 18 are automatically members of the Association. Donations to support the Association are voluntary but always very welcome. Just bring your contribution to the next picnic or email the Board for the Treasurer’s personal address.

Our annual election meeting is held each year in March.  Look for the date in the winter newsletter, which volunteers distribute to all College Terrace homes.

The minutes from our board meetings are available here.  For additional information, you may also wish to review the 2010 Annual Meeting Minutes, the 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes, the 2009 meeting slides or the 2008 meeting slides.

The Board

Our 2011 - 2012 Board of Directors is listed below. You can reach them by email at

President: Brent Barker

Vice President: Melissa Campbell

Secretary: Eileen Stolee

Treasurer: Irina Cross

Director of Communications: Fred Balin

Coordinator of Social Events: Katie Murphy

Stanford Observer: Noel Bakhtian

City Observer: Doria Summa

California Ave Business District Observer: Jenn Lubert

Research Park Observer:  Margit Aramburu

Board meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. Minutes are posted here. You may also click here to learn more about the Association's Policies and Procedures.  Send a note to the board if you'd like to attend an upcoming meeting.

For more information about the key issues facing our neighborhood, please see the 2007 CTRA Issues and Opportunities, which is currently being updated. (The 2005, 2003 and 2001 versions are also available.)  For traffic calming information, click here.

The Association also organizes social activities, including two annual gatherings in local parks. One is held in the spring and the second on Labor Day. They are informal potluck picnics and a great chance to meet College Terrace neighbors.



After over 30 years of informal leadership, the College Terrace Residents' Association adopted its first set of bylaws at our May 19, 2001, general meeting. These bylaws were updated and amended on March 24, 2007 at the 2007 Annual Meeting.  Please consult bylaws of  2007 for full  details on the governance of CTRA, including membership,